Gloucester As a Green Community


For over two years now, a group of volunteers have been working on implementing a vision of helping  Gloucester and Cape Ann take the lead in developing a clean energy-based economy.

Climate change, caused by a growing level of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, is an existential threat to our many species of life on our planet, including our own.  The threats to our Cape Ann fisheries by ocean acidification, to our lower lying areas by sea-level rise, and to our flora and fauna everywhere are well documented.

The name of our initiative, Towngreen2025, is a program of the newly launched independent non-profit the Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation (GMF), which is affiliated with the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church.

We have developed a web site  that will have our new strategic plan up by the end of January.  Check it out at

A critical question is making sure our plan serves ALL residents with equal access.  How can we make sure that we do not end up providing more benefits to the more affluent members and businesses of Cape Ann?

We are definitely planning on addressing the needs of the full range of income levels and neighborhoods on Cape Ann.  We will be collaborating with the Action Inc. community action agency to publicize the generous existing subsidies for insulation and efficiencies in making both homes and apartments as energy-efficient as possible.  And, we hope to have a lower electricity rate for lower income populations, available when we go to a local “microgrid” in the future.

Your ideas, questions, and energy are very welcome.  Please comment below with any questions, ideas, or links to environmental justice web sites that you think might be helpful as we go forward to a greener future for all!

-Dick Prouty

Dick Prouty is co-chair of TownGreen2025. The purpose of this blog is to raise topics for dialogue and discussion. The views and opinions expressed herein are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church or its board of managers.


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